Students are encouraged to participate actively in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. They will be helped to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India through training in fine Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Art. Students will be prepared for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) and for (ISC) (Class XII) conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. These examinations have Indian and international recognition and are of special advantage in that they have a common syllabi in all Anglo-Indian and listed schools/ colleges throughout the country.

All students are inspired to draw, paint, carve, and work with clay, collage, cartoons and models. These are his played in classrooms and school exhibitions. Students are sent for picnics, educational tours and recreational excursions to museums, art galleries, exhibitions and places of historical importance. Subjects taught to the higher classes are English language and literature, Hindi language, Sanskrit, physics, chemistry, biology, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, history (both Indian and world), geography, civics, general science, art, human and science biology, commerce, economics, principles of accounts, physical training and moral science.

To promote healthy competition, the school is divided into four houses Shivalik, Nilgiri, Anavali, Karakoram and Vindyachal to organize competitive programs of games, sports, elocutions and recitation, essay writing, storytelling, and quiz,. Student library helps to enhance self-study and develop reading habits among students so that they can learn and appreciate the richness of literature. The school has a treasure house of facts and fiction. There are weekly/fortnightly magazines and daily newspapers for children to develop the habits of reading newspapers. Dehradun World School library aspires to become one of the best libraries of city in near future.

Learning becomes an exciting and delightful process when a wide range of extracurricular activities stimulate young minds to think out of the box.

Encouraging creativity

Sports and Other Activities

March To May

Games to be played Kits required
Cricket House dress and white canvas P.T shoes
Hockey White shorts, white canvas PT shoes and house shirt.
Basket ball White shorts, white canvas PT shoes and house shirt.

July to October

Games to be played Kits required
Football White shorts, Football shoes, house shirt
Badminton White shorts, white canvas PT shoes, house shirt
Tennis White shorts, white canvas PT shoes, house shirt

November to December

Games to be played Kits required
Cricket House dress and white PT. shoes.
Base ball White short, White canvas PT. shoes, house shirt

Note: Girls to wear white skirts, house shirts and white P.T. canvas shoes

Students regularly participate in softed Olympiad in various subjects have been successful in achieving high positions across India.